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Worker’s compensation insurance, “worker’s comp,” is a type of coverage purchased by an employer to provide benefits to an employee who is injured while on the job, regardless of fault. This type of coverage covers the cost of medical bills related to the work injury and loss of income if the injury prevents the employee from returning to work. By providing this coverage to employees, employers can stay compliant with state law and prevent injury lawsuits filed by employees.

Worker’s Comp Insurance Florida State Requirements

According to Florida law, all employers with four or more employees (regardless of full- or part-time status) must carry worker’s compensation coverage. Florida requirements also account for specialty employment in select industries:

• Construction – Employers are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance with one or more employees.
• Agriculture – Farmers who employ five or more year-round individuals or twelve or more seasonal employees.
• Public service employees must be provided worker’s compensation coverage.

Covered Job-Related Injuries

Worker’s compensation covers physical injuries as well as mental health issues, so long as the injury occurred as a result of performing job related duties. Injuries include, but are not limited to:

• Cuts, bruises, or broken bones
• Torn muscles or ligaments
• Sprained joints
• Carpal tunnel or other injuries caused by repetition
• Chronic illness
• Loss of limb
• Loss of life
• Depression
• Anxiety

To be protected under worker’s compensation, an employee’s injury must have occurred while performing a task for their employer or over the course of their employment (such as injuries caused by repetition or depression). 

Injuries can be sustained while on business premises, in a company owned vehicle, or third-party site (such as meeting a client or customer at their location and becoming injured).

Job-Related Injuries Not Covered

There may be some instances where worker’s compensation coverage does not extend to an employee’s injury. Worker’s compensation insurance may cover injuries incurred depending on the employer’s policy:

• During employment-sponsored events like a company picnic or party.
• As the result of disregarding safety regulations or company policy or “horseplay.”
• During an unpaid break.
• If the employee was intoxicated and the alcohol was provided by the employer (e.g. work sponsored event).
• A pre-existing condition was worsened by work conditions or activities.

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