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Commercial property insurance, or business property insurance, is one of the insurance coverages often included in a business owner’s policy; however, it is also available as a standalone coverage. This type of policy is designed to protect the physical location of your business and property belonging to the business.

What Commercial Property Insurance Covers

The commercial assets and business property coverage can extend to includes:

• Tools
• Mechanical equipment
• Machinery
• Furniture
• Computers
• Retail Inventory
• Materials/Supplies

Commercial property insurance can provide protection to items like those listed above as well as damage to the building’s structure, outdoor signage, fencing, and even landscaping during covered events such as a:

• Severe Storm, Hurricane, or High Winds
• Lightning
• Fire
• Theft or Vandalism
• Accidental Damage 

Commercial property insurance can also provide protection for your business if damage to another’s property occurs during a covered event.

Examples of Covered Events

• During a severe storm, the lightning strikes the marquee and the wind knocks down your store’s sign.

• Faulty wiring results in a fire, damaging the structure and all contents inside—and the neighboring structure. 

• A tree limb falls and lands on the roof, puncturing the shingles and resulting in roof damage and water intrusion.
• Someone smashes a window, breaks in and burglarizes your company computers.

• A pipe bursts and floods your office, damaging the furniture, documents, and inventory.

Examples of Covered Events

Commercial property insurance is a common feature of a home-run business to provide coverage to your business assets and property that is not covered under your homeowners insurance policy. It can also be a beneficial policy for businesses that own the building they are operating out of or have an extensive amount of business property they need to protect.
Contact our licensed insurance agents to review the details of your current commercial property insurance policy or to discuss the specific coverage your business needs to create a commercial property insurance policy to keep your business protected.

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