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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is complicated enough in the state of Florida to try and understand it yourself. Rates continue to go up without explanation and consumers continue to try and find the more inexpensive alternatives to try to make ends meet. We at Excellence First Insurance understand how frustrating this can be to our customers and we are here to help make sense of their policies. 

Florida is a No-Fault state, for example; Bodily Injury Liability is not required to register a vehicle and Uninsured Motorist is an expensive  coverage to maintain. Every claim can potentially cause rates to increase beyond an insured's budget, that makes it difficult for them to get the coverage they truly need to protect themselves. 

At Excellence First Insurance we specialize in finding competitive auto insurance policies with coverages that better protect the insured depending on their budget. Understanding that every customer's needs are different, we strive in explaining the importance of every coverage within the policy to avoid a possible financial loss. Trust our insurance specialists to help you find competitive rates with the best coverage for your situation!

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